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Four Monkeys "Chicken Injection & Brine"

Four Monkeys "Chicken Injection & Brine"

Four Monkeys

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In the wild world of competition BBQ, Four Monkeys BBQ is the one brand you'll find in everyone's survival kit. Created by International Pitmaster and Australian National Champion Daniel Barrett, Four Monkeys BBQ injections and brines gives you the moisture and flavour hit you've been hunting.


Use Four Monkeys BBQ Chicken Injection and Brine to boost your BBQ to competition level with the addition of a delicious layer of flavour complimentary to chicken. Whether injected or brined, this must-have product noticeably improves texture adding flavour packed moisture for a mouth-watering juicy bird.


It really doesn't matter if you're a competitor or BBQ warrior, Four Monkeys BBQ Chicken Injection is just what you need to conquer your grill for the win. 

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