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Swibo "Chef's Knife" 8"

Swibo "Chef's Knife" 8"


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Pioneer and benchmark for professional cutlery


Half a century ago, Wenger created the Swibo® brand, a new type of professional knife for butchers. Since that time, the range has been consistently perfected and enlarged, becoming an international benchmark in this demanding sector. The famous bright yellow, synthetic handle with its ergonomic shape, injectionmoulded and sealed directly onto the polished, highgrade stainless steel blade, set a new standard in knife safety and hygiene. Comfortable, non-slip, with no micropores or microcracks, dishwasher safe and sterilisable: this pioneer has been copied and re-copied but still remains the benchmark. Its dedicated functions and design, engineered to deliver superior cutting strength and durability, continue to make it the knife of choice among specialists.


Features of the Swibo Heavy Cooks Knife

Rockwell rating of 56-58.

Dishwasher Safe nylon handle.

Made in Switzerland

High Carbon Stainless Steel

Heavy 21cm blade.

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