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The Feedlot "Crossbreed" Rub - 180g

The Feedlot "Crossbreed" Rub - 180g

The Feedlot

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Description: The family unites!  Our signature blend, Cattle Call, combines with the rich flavours of Black Angus to form the ultimate rub.  This unique hybrid is a guaranteed gold standard in your kitchen. 


Ingredients:  salt, pepper, porcini mushrooms, garlic, smoked paprika, urfa biber, pasilla, mustard, red pepper, onion, coffee, thyme


Pro-Tip: Crossbreed combines salt forward Cattle Call and pepper forward Black Angus providing the perfect balance.  We find ourselves using this on various cuts of beef such as hamburgers, steak, brisket and beef short ribs.  You can also branch out with lamb, venison, buffalo and eggs.  Use liberally and enjoy!  


Ingredient Fun Fact: Often regarded as the world's most popular spice, paprika is made from the dried, ground, mature fruit of Capsicum Annuum. It is often associated with Hungarian and Spanish cuisine, but it actually originated in central Mexico. This smoked paprika powder has a robust smoky flavour with sweet notes of capsicum and is a deep red colour. 


Name: Crossbreed: To produce (an animal or plant) by mating or hybridizing two different species, breeds, or varieties.  With that definition in mind, we decided to mix our two best selling rubs - Cattle Call and Black Angus and made our own Crossbreed.

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